Aliexpress Ball Vape - Ball Vaping for Under $200 - B2CVape Tiodw

Hey All, David Here. I just wanted to put together a quick blog post for everyone, as I have been doing some extensive ball vape testing lately in search of a ball vape to sell here. During my journey, I came across a vendor on AliExpress called B2CVape, and the salesperson there is a super helpful lady named Jenny.

Here is a link to their AliExpress Store Page:

They offer a whole bunch of different ball vape models, all being their own designs they have claimed to make in house.

The model that caught my eye and attention was the Tiodw Mini 2.0. Now, as a sidenote, I think all of these products could have way better names.

The Tiodw Mini 2.0 is a 2-in-1 ball vape, which means it has an injector interface on one end and a diffuser interface on the other. This allows you to use a variety of different bowls and styles of sessions with this ball vape.

I personally prefer to use it in diffuser mode with a titanium bowl.

Here are the items required to get your very own AliExpress Ball Vape going!

Each item will need to be added to your shopping cart.

  1. Tiodw Mini 2.0 Housing:
  2. 200/pcs Ruby Balls 3mm
  3. 14mm Titanium Bowl
  4. Power Supply/Controller
  5. 22mm Coil
  6. Black Walnut Coil Handle
  7. Ball Vape Stand

Screenshot of shopping Cart:

You will also of course need a water piece to pair with the ball vape. I recommend the table top bong TableTop Vase (500ml) Natural Walnut

We are working on getting some water pipes added to the store that are more optimized for ball vaping.

Some Photos:

I will continue to update this blog post with some instructions and more photos, but for now I just wanted to get the info out there!

Update 03/10/2024: Here is an updated parts list from discord user Olla:

So, you want to ball like the big tokers and all you have is pocket change? Follow the links below and select the specified options . Total cost ~180 USD before shipping and tax. Enjoy!
- Tiodw Mini 2in1
- 110v 20mm coil for USA, 220v for international
- 110v PID for USA, 220v for international
- 14mm Steel Screen 1
- Handle (only one option)
- 3mm glass balls
- Stand (only one option)
- 250ml caliber19 filtration flask
- 8x11mm hose (may need to attach with zip ties)

  • 4 inch
- Grinder (only one option)

Easy upgrades (beyond 200$ mark):